Bobo Choses Clearly Confused Long Sleeve Baby Body

Bobo Choses Clearly Confused Long Sleeve Baby Body

Product Code: bb001_aw18_218178



The star of the show here is the design, a fun little piece that is sure to raise a smile in the way we all like from something like this.
Not ignoring the gorgeous material, soft feel and easy care this is a really nice bodysuit that offers a lot in a simple package.

The AW '18-19 Season from Bobo Choses introduces the Happysads to us. In their own way they've personified the changeable moods of children, contradictory emotions and their struggle with their feelings. The joy, and sometimes frustration of expressing themselves the only way they know how is what the Happysads collection is all about. In a fun, exciting and totally Bobo Choses way - fun, caring and bringing out the relationship we all have with our inner child.

66% of the fabrics used in this collection are Organic and/or Recylced and 99% of it is made locally to Bobo, as well as having the honour of Bobo Choses being a ECAP (European Clothing Action Brand) participant, a project designed to focus on reducing waste and introducing effective waste recovery within the clothing supply chain.

A large amount of the collection is Garment Dyed allowing each product to have it's own unique signature