Bibs Rust Colour Pacifier

Bibs Rust Colour Pacifier

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Available here in Rust, A really cute and classic design pacifier that avoids all of the tacky clichés that are inevitably attached to many awkwardly themed mainstream pacifiers.
Bringing some understated design flair back into these simple products Bibs tick all the boxes. Recommended by many health professionals due to the sensitive design of shape, length and the materials used the valve design means no air is trapped inside the bulb.

The classic round design is preferred by Children and Parents alike, outward facing shield with air holes for comfort and minimal restriction. Turning away from the face of your baby ensuring it doesn't irritate their precious and delicate skin.

Absolutely 100 % BPA, PVC and Phthalates free, this is a natural Rubber product being both designed and manufactured in Denmark in a factory using only Ethical practices this is an incredibly exceptional value product with outstanding quality in something that has already stood the test of time - remembered by new parents from when they themselves were children it's undoubtedly the epitome of a pacifier worldwide and has been so for 40 years.

We sell size 2 as this size is suitable for most newborns and can be used until a pacifier is no longer needed.
nipple length: 3 cm/1.18 inches
nipple diameter (tip): 1.5 cm/0.59 inches
nipple diameter (base): 1 cm/0.39 inches
shield diameter: 4.5 cm/1.77 inches