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Fable Heart

Fable Heart

Fable Heart is a family run brand based in Northern Ireland.

Fable Heart products grew out of a want for more wholesome dress up clothes for their own children, that are made with care. It's a brand that wants children to love playing with their products.. to take them to a world of make-believe not restricted by conformist princes and princesses. Fable Heart pieces should be viewed as unisex, and the softness of the materials, and tactileness of the design are truly made with the child in mind.

Ethical sourcing lies at the heart of the brand. All items are made by a small team of seamstresses in Northern Ireland. Over 70% of the raw materials are also sourced from within the UK and Ireland. Fable Heart choose to use Irish Linen because of it’s international reputation for superior quality. Any parent that chooses to buy one a Fable Heart product is invited to feel they’ve made both a design conscious and responsible choice for their little babe, and also for environment.

All Fable Heart pieces are made to last. They are a heritage and investment piece, designed to be loved for years to come. Each also features a hidden safety release feature, making them the safest option for babies and children.

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