My Little Day

My Little Day is the first online boutique dedicated to children’s birthdays that sells only non-branded products.

My Little Day is Gabriella Toscan du Plantier and Dorothée Monestier. Both History of Art students, they both loved creative birthday parties for children. They played, jumped and danced with them and the kids believed that we too were princesses and explorers. Now, they are two mothers just like any others. Two mothers who are always running around, with a watch in their hand, and a voice telling us “you’re late, you’re late…”. And their kids still think we’re fairies one afternoon and dragons the next!

Every year we find ourselves in the same situation. Their youngest’s birthday is almost here and nothing is ready! There’s only one solution: continue running around… My Little Day is simply the desire to turn a special day into one of the prettiest days of the year. One of the most relaxed too. It exists so that you can stop running around, so that parents lives are just a bit easier. It’s to show that you too can hold a birthday party without all that stress. It’s the desire to have stories to tell afterwards, from just a simple party. It’s the desire to help every parent to once again enjoy organising their child’s birthday party and bringing it to life.

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