Repose AMS Shift dress - Strong chestnut

Repose AMS Shift dress - Strong chestnut

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Shift Dresses are iconic, a staple of Women's fashion and incredibly now. Although they've been around for years the current desire for shift dresses is born from the comfort and look that they carry so well. Instagram's #shiftdress hashtag has some of the highest liked fashion related posts of the SS season in 2018 and with this incredibly warm Strong Chestnut colour Repose AMS have perfectly captured the way to continue the love through into the colder months. The colour itself exudes warmth and the 100% Organic cotton material keeps it breathable, comfortable and easy to look after as well as keeping us all happy by being Organic. Repose AMS is a style focused brand based out of Amsterdam and dedicated to creating modern aesthetics through unique quality clothing. Blending imagination and fashion that will thrill adults and earn the adoration of the kids that wear it. Stylish colours that last the test of time but will forever be 'now' Originally best known for their knitted blankets this brand is seen as a bit 'grown up' but their choices in materials and colours reach all ages and genders without argument. Luxurious fabrics and designed to combine