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Compagnie de Provence Hand Balm Anise Patchouli 75ml

Compagnie de Provence Hand Balm Anise Patchouli 75ml

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This balm with organic olive oil hydrates and nourishes the hands. It contains 88,7% ingredients of natural origin. Enriched with rice bran oil, it helps the hands to prevent from external aggressions and keeps them soft and comfortable.

Fragrance: Captivating fragrance created in Provence where the aromatic freshness of Anise contrasts with the sensuality of Patchouli.

Composition: 88,8% ingredients of natural origin, Organic olive oil, Rice bran oil, Natural origin emulsifiers, derived from olive. No parabens, no phenoexythanol, no mineral oils.

Directions for use: Apply to hands, at any time, a small amount of balm massaging lightly until completely absorbed.