Tessa Layzelle Canopy Ship Shape Quilt

Tessa Layzelle Canopy Ship Shape Quilt

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We are so happy to have stumbled across the work of artisan quilt maker and mum of one Tessa Layzelle. The aesthetic of her work is strongly reminiscent of mid-century modern style, whilst combining with techniques cherry picked from different cultures and traditions, and the results are stunning. These quilts are truly an heirloom - when baby grows it can be used as a wall hanging - to be passed down from generation to generation.
Each piece is uniquely hand made and can take a couple of weeks to create. The design and craftsmanship of the work create an interesting and practical textile, but are built to last a lifetime and can be used as a quilt, play mat, throw, or even a wall hanging.
Tessa's work is designed in small collections based on paintings and works of art. Only natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool are used, and they are hand dyed with natural materials like avocado for a unique feel. The works are always entirely quilted, appliqued and finished by hand. This is a time consuming, traditional, and feminine method of working. Each quilt comes with a handmade label outlining the exact materials and colours that were used.Her artistic eye, alongside all the textures and the jumble of colours and lines, makes her quilts something truly special.
Measures 24" x 34" and lined with 100% cotton batting to make it natural and breathable. Hand wash cold, dry flat.