Daughter Earth Lior Romper

Daughter Earth Lior Romper

Product Code: da001_lio_romp_earth



The Lior Romper from Daughter, here in Earth, is a really simple and stylish linen romper designed with serious play in mind as well as total comfort. Sleeveless design for freedom of movement as well as a button up (front) fastening and a round neck. The ankles can be rolled up to adjust length.

Designed slightly large as some shrinking will be expected after the first wash so please keep this in mind. Cold Wash and no Tumble drying.

Daughter is a brand based in Byron Bay, Australia and produces natural, ethical childrenswear. Carefully sourcing their Linen and Fabrics from the best sources worldwide to give a fair and sustainable manufacturing ethos that we're proud to be a retailer for.

The creator of Daughter, Ainslie Hutchinson, says that the neutrale and muted tones that feature so prominently in their collections, along with the use of gorgeous linens are there to reflect the innocence of childhood as much as it is for aesthetics.

The inspiration being, of course, her own Two daughters when she was struggling for good quality clothing that doesn't fall apart and her love of the sentiment behind a hand me down, passing clothes between siblings giving the piece a second chance at life.
Finding such pieces proved to be a struggle and so the only option left was to create what became Daughter.

Classic pieces with simple silhouettes rather than emulating passing trends is a huge feature for Daughter and encouraging concious consumption by investing in special key pieces of clothing with the desire to pass them on once outgrown.

Avoiding too much season limiting Daughters clothing is designed so it can easily be layered for Winter wear just as much as it is at home being singled up for summer.

Comfort and Versatility is the main priority.

Garment care: Due to the nature of this fabric some shrinking is expected after the first wash. Please keep this in mind when you first try on the piece. To keep the piece looking it's best we recommend only washing in cold water and never tumble drying.

This collection is due to ship mid August 2018.