Le Petit Germain Polly Turmeric Pyjamas

Le Petit Germain Polly Turmeric Pyjamas

Product Code: pg001_PyjamasPolly_Curcuma



Polly is a seriously cool set of Pyjamas from Le Petit Germain and seen here in Curcuma they are ultimately practical and are a great break away from brightly coloured cartoon characters and onesies.

With a very modern take on what is a supremely classic design Polly is just as suited to lounging around the house, playing and curled up on the sofa as it is curled up in bed for a good nights sleep.

As with all Le Petit Germain the fabrics are luxuriously soft and warm yet totally breathable ensuring a good nights sleep but can be played in without your child getting uncomfortable and sweaty as can happen with less cautiously chosen fabric. Really easy to care for and just as easy to wear.

Going to be a real favourite of ours from this range we look forward to Polly cuddling our loved ones to sleep for a long time to come.

Le Petit Germain was set up by Camille Chandèze Longuépée, an experienced costume artist, to create a range of clothing designed to be incredibly comfortable to wear yet easy to maintain and live with. The choice of incredibly soft materials ensures that your child will love wearing the garments as much as they will enjoy looking at them.

Colours play one of the most important roles in the pieces from the Le Petit Germain collection as it's one of the most visual things that children come to recognise from an early age and giving them a beautiful and vibrant, rich palette to experience and wear is a fantastic way of introducing them to gorgeous shades they might have only seen, up until now, in nature.