Polar Bear's Underwear Book

Polar Bear's Underwear Book

Product Code: 978-1452141992

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This is incredibly embarrassing but ...Polar Bear has lost his underwear. Where could it be?

Is that Polar Bears underwear? On the page is a die-cut pair of underwear. Turn the page, and the wearer is revealed! No, that isn't Polar Bears underwear. Its Zebras underwear the pair has colourful stripes. What about that itty bitty pair? Maybe ...actually, no its Butterfly's, who is flying high in a mini pair of undies. And so the quest continues. Just when Polar Bear is about to lose hope, his underwear surfaces in a twist that will surprise and delight children and their parents, all while affirming the importance of wearing underwear. Japanese design talents Tupera Tuperas cute and expertly crafted paper-collage creatures will make this novelty picture book an instant and enduring favourite.