Wooden Framed Blackboard

Wooden Framed Blackboard

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This needs to be part of every childhood. A traditional slate with a wooden frame featuring surrounding letters and numbers on all Four sides to aid with recognition, as well as lines across the face of the board to assist with learning those all-important writing skills from an early age.

Not going to run out of favour any time soon this will undoubtedly stay in use for years to come and is of an excellent quality so you can expect to last, as you'd expect with all Goki brand products from Gollnest and Kiesell.

As the demand for more traditional toys is booming at the moment so is the influx of the number of unknown, dubiously safe, treatments making their way into far too many of our Children's Toyboxes. Heimess have come to our rescue with a fantastic range of untreated Wooden toys and soothers, made in Germany and using only ethically responsible methods making use of wood from sustainable indigenous forests.

Heimess say it best themselves when they say "We produce toys for children's hands, heads and souls"