Heist Orange Marmalade Chocolate Bar

Heist Orange Marmalade Chocolate Bar

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The organic orange oil in our marmalade bar adds a sweetness to our 70% chocolate that may soothe the souls of those daunted by our straight 70% bar.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar), orange oil.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids: 70% min.

How they made Heist Chocolate:

After delivery, each batch of cocoa beans is hand sorted to remove any nasties.

As with coffee, roasting gives the maker control over flavour and drives away any unwanted notes. It also helps to separate the bean from its outer shell or husk.

Once the beans have cooled, they’re then cracked into smaller pieces using a hand cranked mill. The cracked beans are known as nibs.

Winnowing is a process where the nibs are sorted from the husk using a vacuum and leave us with beautiful, clean nibs. The leftover husks can be used to make cocoa tea!

Once the nibs are ready, they’re added to a stone grinder or melangeur with any other ingredients such as cane sugar. The grinder spins its granite wheels for up to two days until all of the ingredients have become delicious, smooth, liquid chocolate.

Tempering is a process where the chocolate is heated and cooled to very specific temperatures. This process causes the cocoa butter in the chocolate to form into a structure that gives the nice shine and snap that we’re used to.

Hand foiled and placed into custom envelopes that feature designs from local artists. The bars are then sewn safely inside, ready to be torn open and enjoyed by you!