Machete Midi Hoops in Peach

Machete Midi Hoops in Peach

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The Midi Hoops from Machete are a wonderful mix of a classic style statement and modern fashion practicality.
Hoop style but with squared off sides meaning they aren't prone to rubbing on anything. All the while making the best use of the surface area to show off the fantastic Peach colouring, lots of light able to hit this gorgeous shade and make it glisten.

Measuring at 1.6 Inches in diameter (Just over 5 cm) they are large enough to make a statement but still small enough to be comfortable.
Each Earring is fixed with Stainless Steel posts made from Hypoallergenic steel meaning they are entirely friendly for people with sensitive skin.

The Tortoise shell acetate is sourced only from the very highest quality manufacturers and is entirely non-petroleum based. Made and Imported into the USA for crafting into Jewellery from Ital the Cellulose acetate is a natural and renewable material, providing an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based materials that have historically been used in similar designs.

The Cellulose acetate in these earrings is made by extracting cellulose fibres from Cotton and Wood Pulp to create a transparent paste. This is coloured and moulded into thin sheets and cut into Rectangles of perfect material before crafted into the beautiful Jewellery offered here.

Machete has been in the market since 2017 and was set up by Jennifer J Matchett who is still the Designer and Creative Director. Jennifer was previously a fashion designer who wanted to create eco-conscious, affordable jewellery suitable for wearing every day, and all day.