Cissy Wears is a new kind of concept store and a haven of dream design for the modern family.

We ship globally on a daily basis or you can visit our South East London showrooms - we are open Monday - Saturday until 5pm.

For cool parents and kids that rock!

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Bobo Choses Horses AOP Jogging Trousers at cissywears.com Purple Dumbo Cup at cissywears.com Bobo Choses Maison Multifruit Tray at cissywears.com Nicolas Vahe Apricot & Garlic Pesto at cissywears.com
Purple Dombo Cup
Our Price: £12.00
Black Dumbo Cup at cissywears.com Wolf & Rita Navy Blue David Hoody at cissywears.com Bobo Choses Mountains Kangeroo Pocket Sweatshirt at cissywears.com Bobo Choses Landscape AOP Short Skirt at cissywears.com
Black Dombo Cup
Our Price: £12.00
Mads Norgaard Black & White 2x2 Soft Stripe Darling Long Dress at cissywears.com Oelwein Carreaux Notebook at cissywears.com Woouf Black & White Ghosts Blanket at cissywears.com Goat-Milk Unisex Jersey Smoke Slouchy Pant at cissywears.com
Oelwein Carreaux Notebook
Our Price: £7.50

Our Christmas Catalogue is available now. Click here to download your copy. #shopsmall #cissywearschristmas #enabled

Cissy Wears Christmas Catalogue