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Welcome to Cissy Wears

Cissy Wears is a new kind of concept store and a haven of beautiful design led products for the modern family. We ship globally or you can visit our South East London store at 210 Hither Green Lane, London SE13 6RT. We're open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Follow us on Instagram.


Just because you have a family, you don't have drown in cheap plastic and branded toys every holiday season. Cissy Wears provides a haven of design led, beautifully and ethically produced gifts for your children, that are easy on the Earth and well as the easy on the eye. To make your life easier you'll find something for the whole family across our Christmas categories, and you can use our new Lay-Buy shopping feature, allowing you to spread the cost with payment installations that you choose. And, if you do find yourself with a huge influx of things and nowhere to put them after the holidays, don't forget we have a lovely range of storage bags to hide it all away in. Happy Christmas!

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